What kind of tea is good for a hangover?

The best hangover cure of all time is rest and fluids. Keep drinking lots of water to rehydrate the body. Avoid coffee since it's also a diuretic and can actually make your hangover worse. Green tea or ginger tea will help with the headache and nausea.

Is lemon tea good for hangover?

So, changes in the body's PH that occur after you drink lemon juice can actually help ease symptoms of a hangover such as headaches and migraines by making the body more alkaline. Finally, fresh juices and teas will replace the body fluids that are depleted during drinking sessions, as alcohol dehydrates you.
  • Is orange juice good for a hangover?

    6. Orange juice. Some research [PDF] indicates that vitamin C accelerates alcohol metabolism, so a glass of orange juice (or some Emergen-C) might make you feel better. At the very least, it will make you feel like you're doing something good for your body, and reduce hangover guilt.
  • What is in sprite that helps hangovers?

    A group of Chinese researchers say that they may have indeed found this perfect hangover cure — and it goes by the name of “Sprite.” Specifically, they theorized that certain drinks could impact the body's metabolism of alcohol in a way that would help alleviate hangover symptoms.
  • How not to have a hangover?

    Before You Drink:
    1. Double up on multivitamins. "A big misconception is that hangovers are entirely about dehydration.
    2. Order a burger instead of a salad.
    3. Rest up.
    4. Skip Champagne.
    5. 5. Make your roadie a Gatorade.
    6. Skip the smokes.
    7. Stick with clear liquor.
    8. Choose juice over soda mixers.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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