6th December 2019


What kind of organisms use alcoholic fermentation?

Alcohol fermentation is pretty similar to lactic acid fermentation. Instead of the pyruvate being reduced to lactate, it's reduced to ethanol and lets off two molecules of CO2 along the way. Two kinds of organisms can do alcohol fermentation: bacteria and yeast (yeast, by the way, are fungi).

Hereof, what type of organism does lactic acid fermentation take place in?

When in an anaerobic environment, some cells can use glycolysis and fermentation to keep producing ATP. Lactic acid fermentation happens in our muscle cells when we are exercising feverishly, while alcoholic fermentation is used in yeast cells and is what leads to beer, bread, and wine.

What kind of organisms go through alcoholic fermentation?

Yeast is one example of a facultative anaerobe that will undergo alcohol fermentation. Some organisms, such as some bacteria, will undergo lactate fermentation. Two pyruvates are converted to two lactic acid molecules, which ionize to form lactate. In this process two NADH + H+ are converted to two NAD+.

What are the products lactic acid fermentation?

Lactic acid fermentation is the process by which our muscle cells deal with pyruvate during anaerobic respiration. When our cells need energy, they break down simple molecules like glucose. The cells turn pyruvate, the products of glycolysis, into lactic acid.
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