What kind of food goes with red wine?

  • Beef and lamb: Select red wine for beef and lamb dishes.
  • Chicken: White wine is the usual pick.
  • Fish and seafood: Select a white wine for fish and seafood.
  • Spicy: Choose Riesling and sweet Gewürztraminer if your meal is spicy.

What wine to drink with what food?

Here, the cardinal rules for matching up wines and food, from dry rosé and cheesy dishes to malbec and sweet-spicy barbecue sauces.
  • 1 of 15. Pinot Noir: Is great for dishes with earthy flavors.
  • 2 of 15. Chardonnay: For fatty fish or fish in a rich sauce.
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  • Which wine goes with chicken?

    BASICS TO PAIRING WINE WITH CHICKEN. White Meat vs Dark Meat – As a general rule, white meat such as chicken or turkey breast pairs well with white wines like Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay, while dark meat like duck and other game go well with medium bodied red wines such as Pinot Noir or Zinfandel.
  • What food goes well with white wine?

    Match white wine with food
    • Chilli prawn linguine. Speedy spaghetti with clams.
    • Roast chicken drumsticks with parsley & garlic.
    • Try a dry Chenin Blanc alongside straightforward roast pork, or pork with prunes.
    • Goat's cheese, herb & lemon patties.
    • Kerala prawn curry.
    • Honey roasted fig & almond tart.
    • Soy roast duck with hoisin gravy.
    • Thai chicken curry.
  • What type of wine goes with lasagna?

    • Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon is the name of both the grape and the wine it produces.
    • Italian Chianti. Chianti is a strong, bold red wine that is perfectly suited for flavorful, well-seasoned sauces.
    • Merlot.
    • Pinot Noir.
    • Sangiovese.
    • Zinfandel.
    • Chardonnay.
    • Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris.

What wine goes with what food chart?

Food pairing is a science — there's a right way and a wrong way to do it. Just ask a sommelier. And some pairings are obvious. For example, a fish dish goes best with a light wine like Pinot Grigio while a grilled steak would pair well with a spicy Shiraz.
  • Which wine to serve with pork?

    Wines for Pork
    • Pork with apple sauce – a peary Pinot Gris, toasty Chardonnay or light Pinot Noir are perfect matches.
    • Sweet and sour pork – an off-dry Riesling or elegant Chardonnay are ideal.
    • Garlicky pork – fresh whites like Arneis or Viognier are wonderful matches.
  • What kind of wine goes with sausage?

    ChardonnayCrab, Shrimp, Lobster, Sea BassPork, Chicken, Veal
    RoséSalmon, Shellfish, Grilled Sea Bass, TroutPork, Prosciutto, Ham
    Pinot NoirSalmon, Tuna, SwordfishLamb, Italian Sausage, Pork
    ZinfandelTuna, Cioppino, BouillabaiseBeef, Lamb, Sausage, Barbecue Ribs
  • What pairs well with Malbec wine?

    Here's why: Malbec has softer tannins compared to some of its red counterparts, like Cabernet Sauvignon, which means Malbec goes well with lean cuts of meat like flank, sirloin and skirt steak. Even when you want to change it up a bit, this bold wine pairs perfectly with chicken and other meats like lamb and pork.

What food to serve with wine?

11 Appetizer Pairings To Serve At Your Next Wine Party
  • Smoky Three Cheese Fondue.
  • Baked Brie With Figs & Walnuts.
  • Roasted Fruit & Cheese Plate.
  • Popcorn With Sesame Glazed Pistachios.
  • Buttered Parmesan Crostini.
  • Shrimp Scampi Dip.
  • Homemade Cheese Straws.
  • Baked Ham & Cheese Roll-Ups.
  • What cheese is good with red wine?

    Perfect Wine & Cheese Pairings
    Hard Cheeses: Parmigiano Reggiano Pecorino Aged ManchegoPairs well with: Cabernet Savignon Zinfandel Pinot Noir
    Semi-Hard Cheeses: Cheddar Gouda Baby SwissPairs well with: Pinot Noir Pinot Gris Sauvignon Blanc
  • How do you drink merlot wine?

    Ensure the correct temperature.
    1. Merlot is best served at 60-65 degrees.
    2. Although it might seem counter intuitive, you should chill your red wine, including Merlot.
    3. To achieve the proper temperature, place the bottle in the refrigerator for about 45 minutes.
  • How long can you put wine in the freezer?

    In the fridge, it took 2.5 hours for red wine to reach its ideal temperature of 55° and 3 hours for white wine to reach its ideal temperature of 45°. In the freezer, it took 40 minutes for red wine to reach its ideal temperature and 1 hour for white wine to reach its ideal temperature.

Updated: 14th October 2018

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