2nd October 2019


What kind of exercise is dancing?

Some of the more 'energetic' forms of dance — Cajun jitterbug, Irish set dance and Scottish country dancing are good examples — provide excellent aerobic exercise. Ballroom and Latin American dancing require good coordination and fluidity of movement.

Similarly, it is asked, is dancing a physical activity?

Benefits of Cultural dance Physical activity has many physical and mental health outcomes. However, physical inactivity continues to be common. An Italian study in 2006 has shown that dance is a very good exercise for heart patients compared to other aerobic exercises like cycling.

Is dancing a cardio?

Dance cardio is having a big fitness moment, and we predict it's going to be a long one. All dance cardio classes allow you flood your body with dance-floor endorphins while burning calories. (Photo: Lindi Duesenberg teaching DMF NYC.) Dance cardio is one of the hottest workouts on the fitness scene right now.
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