28th November 2019


What is unique about the rainforest?

The rainforests are home to half of the Earth's plant and animal species. They are winter homes to many birds that breed in temperate latitudes. Tropical rainforests are some of the most beautiful wildernesses on our planet. The forests are a potential source of medicinal plants that may benefit everyone on Earth.

In this manner, why is the tropical rainforest so important?

Rainforests also help to stabilize Earth's climate. By absorbing carbon dioxide, rainforests help to reduce the effects of worldwide climate change. In addition to the important role rainforests play in Earth's climate, they also are an important home to about half of the species of plants and wildlife on the planet.

What are the benefits of the Amazon rainforest?

Three key benefits of the Amazon rainforest are:
  • The Amazon helps maintain the water cycle by producing large quantities of rainfall every year.
  • The Amazon helps to stabilize the earth's climate and slow global warming by fixing CO2 and producing 20% of the world's oxygen in the process.

What do you get from the rainforest?

What do we get from Rainforests?
  • medicine.
  • chocolate - Chocolate is made from cocoa. Cocoa pods grow on trees in rainforests.
  • sugar.
  • spices - includes ginger, allspice, pepper, cinnamon, coconut, vanilla, turmeric and paprika.
  • rubber.
  • pineapples.
  • bamboo.
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