3rd October 2019


What is totipotent in biology?

Definition. adjective. Having the ability to differentiate into all cell types. Supplement. For example, the zygote and early embryonic cells are totipotent since they can differentiate into any cell type during development.

Furthermore, what is the meaning of Totipotency?

totipotency. The ability of cells such as an embryonic stem cell to differentiate into any type of body cell. Plant cells are also totipotent, which helps to explain why a graft of a plant can generate a whole new individual out of just a small branch cutting.

What is totipotency of plant cells?

Cell Totipotency. A plant grows by increasing its cell population while the cells specialize their functions. Increasing cell population is done by cell division (also called mitosis). Before a mother cell divides into two daughter cells, it makes an exact copy of its genome first.

What is meant by totipotent cell?

Definition. The cell that is capable of developing into any cell type. Supplement. In a developing embryo, totipotent stem cells are able to produce every cell type in an embryo, including the extraembryonic tissue.
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