2nd October 2019


What is third hand smoke and why is it a concern?

"Third-hand Smoke" means the chemical residual of tobacco smoke contamination that clings to clothing, wall, furniture, carpet, cushions, hair, skin and other materials after the cigarette is extinguished. Nicotine residues will soak into a smoker's skin and clothing even if they smoke outside.

Similarly, it is asked, is third hand smoke harmful to babies?

In those infants who may already be vulnerable to SIDS, this increase in smoke residue, however minor, could prove detrimental. Even for those babies who are not at risk, exposure to third-hand smoke may increase their risk of asthma, allergies, and other health complications.

Can you get second hand smoke from kissing someone who smokes?

Second-hand smoke kills over 50,000 people every year! However, residue from the cigarettes are still in the person's mouth after smoking and kissing could transfer that to your mouth, so in theory you are being exposed to a carcinogen and over time this could cause Cancer.

Is second hand smoke bad for babies?

Secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals. Hundreds are toxic and about 70 can cause cancer. Secondhand smoke causes numerous health problems in infants and children, including more frequent and severe asthma attacks, respiratory infections, ear infections, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
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