2nd November 2019


What is the use of a square?

Also known as a steel square, the Johnson framing square is a handy tool for carpentry. Its uses extend into framing and laying rafters and stairs. It can also be used as a straight-edge, finding and establishing right angles and marking cut-off work on widestock.

What are the parts of a combination square?

A combination square consists of a rue-type blade attached to a handle. The handle is composed of two parts, a shoulder and an anvil. The shoulder is placed at an angle of 45° between itself and the blade. It is therefore used for the measurement and layout of miters.

Why is it called a try square?

A try square is a woodworking or a metalworking tool used for marking and measuring a piece of wood. The square refers to the tool's primary use of measuring the accuracy of a right angle (90 degrees); to try a surface is to check its straightness or correspondence to an adjoining surface.
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