30th June 2020


What is the unemployment rate in American Samoa?

Economy of American Samoa
Labor force by occupationagriculture 34%, industry 33%, services 33% (1990)
Unemployment23.8% (2010)
Main industriestuna canneries (largely dependent on foreign fishing vessels), handicrafts

Besides, how much is American Samoa worth?

As of April 2019 the population of American Samoa is approximately 55,689 people.

American Samoa.
American Samoa Amerika Sāmoa
• Total$658 million
• Per capita$11,200
CurrencyUnited States dollar (US$) (USD)
Time zoneUTC-11:00 (SST)

Beside above, how expensive is it to live in Samoa?

Total cost of living in Samoa for two person with average consumption for one month will be $ 611.89, no rent price included.

Can I move to American Samoa?

If you are a U.S. citizen, there are several important steps to moving to American Samoa. Obtain a valid United States passport. Get a job in American Samoa either online or by visiting the island. Apply for a non-immigrant visa.

Why did the US want American Samoa?

In 1872 the high chief of the tribes of the eastern Samoan islands gave America permission to establish a naval base in exchange for military protection. The eastern Samoan islands became territories of the United States and later became known as American Samoa.
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