6th October 2019


What is the tire disposal fee at Walmart?

Discount Tire / America's Tire: $16 installation fee (4 tires), $2.50 disposal fee. Sears: $18.49 per tire installation fee, $3.50 per tire disposal fee. Walmart: $12 per tire installation fee, disposal fee not listed. Costco: With club membership, installation fee is $14 and disposal fee is $1.

Hereof, can I sell my used tires?

If you decide to sell your used tires as they are to retreading shops or to a retailer it is good to know how much to charge for your used tires. The average price for most used tires is around anywhere from $25 to $75 per tire with a complete set selling from $100-$300.

Can you throw a tire in the dumpster?

You cannot throw tires in a dumpster since most landfills in the U.S. do not accept them. Tire disposal is usually handled by local municipalities or counties. Auto parts stores and tire dealerships will also offer to recycle your old tires when you buy a new set.

What is a tire disposal fee?

The Environmental Conservation Law imposes a $2.50 per tire waste tire and recycling fee on sales of most new tires sold at retail within New York State. The Tax Department is responsible for administering the collection of the fee.
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