7th December 2019


What is the straddle technique in high jump?

The straddle technique was the dominant style in the high jump before the development of the Fosbury Flop. It is a successor of the Western roll, with which it is sometimes confused. With the parallel straddle, the lead leg is kicked high and straight, and head and trunk pass the bar at the same time.

Furthermore, why do high jumpers jump backwards?

It explains why most of jumpers do the backward flip known as the Fosbury Flop. Norton, 2012), the Fosbury Flop keeps one's center of gravity low to the ground, and the lower one's center of gravity, the less energy is required to successfully jump over the bar.

Who was the Fosbury Flop named after?

Richard Douglas ("Dick") Fosbury was born on 6 March 1947 in Portland, Oregon. He is widely credited with inventing the Fosbury flop, a back-first jumping technique that revolutionised the high jump.

How high did Fosbury jump in the Olympics?

At the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, Fosbury took the gold medal and set a new Olympic record at 2.24 meters (7 ft 4¼ in), displaying the potential of the new technique. Despite the initial sceptical reactions from the high jumping community, the "Fosbury Flop" quickly gained acceptance.
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