2nd November 2019


What is the size of an Ethernet header?

The maximum frame size depends on the interface MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit); the default value is 1500 bytes. The minimum frame size for IPv4 is 64 bytes, where the Ethernet header takes up 18 bytes, the IPv4 header 20 bytes, and the UDP header 8 bytes.

Beside this, what is Ethernet frame format?

A Ethernet Frame is a physical layer communications transmission, comprised of 6 fields which are assembled to transmit any higher layer protocol over an Ethernet fabric. • A IP Packet is a formatted unit of data which can be transmitted across numerous physical topologies including Ethernet, Serial, SONET and ATM.

What is in the IP header?

An IP header is header information at the beginning of an IP packet which contains information about IP version, source IP address, destination IP address, time-to-live, etc. Two different versions of IP are used in practice today: IPv4 and IPv6.

What is the purpose of preamble bits in an Ethernet frame?

The preamble of an Ethernet packet consists of a 56-bit (seven-byte) pattern of alternating 1 and 0 bits, allowing devices on the network to easily synchronize their receiver clocks, which is followed by the SFD to mark a new incoming frame.
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