6th October 2019


What is the size of a banker's box in cubic feet?

The dimensions of these boxes are roughly 24 x 12 x 10 inches. Some records management companies that bill by the cubic foot charge these boxes as 2.4 cubic feet even though their actual measurements are closer to 1.7 cubic feet (a 40% markup).

Regarding this, how many square feet is 2 cubic feet?

Coverage Chart- Bagged Material (2 Cubic Foot Bags)
DepthOne 2 Cubic Foot Bag Covers
1”24 sq feet
2”12 sq feet
3”8 sq feet
4”6 sq feet

What size is a cubic foot?

A cubic foot is the equivalent of 1,728 cubic inches (since a foot is twelve inches, a cubic foot can be imagined as a cube with sides of twelve inches, or 12 x 12 x 12 one inch cubes stacked together). In practice, cubic feet and cubic inches tend to be distinct units that would not be used together.
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