6th October 2019


What is the SI unit of resistance?

The siemens (symbol: S) is the SI derived unit of electric conductance and admittance, also known as the mho (ohm spelled backwards, symbol is ℧); it is the reciprocal of resistance in ohms (Ω).

People also ask, what is the unit of self inductance?

The basic unit of measurement for inductance is called the Henry, ( H ) after Joseph Henry, but it also has the units of Webers per Ampere ( 1 H = 1 Wb/A ).

What is the SI unit of capacitance?


What is the SI unit of reactance?

In vector analysis of electric circuits, resistance is the real part of complex impedance, while reactance is the imaginary part. Both share the same SI unit, the ohm. An ideal resistor has zero reactance, while ideal inductors and capacitors consist entirely of reactance.
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