What is the reaction of carbonic acid?

Aqueous carbon dioxide, CO2 (aq), reacts with water forming carbonic acid, H2CO3 (aq). Carbonic acid may loose protons to form bicarbonate, HCO3- , and carbonate, CO32-. In this case the proton is liberated to the water, decreasing pH. The complex chemical equilibria are described using two acid equilibrium equations.

What is the structure of carbonic acid?

  • Is carbon dioxide an acid or a base?

    CO2 gas is a Lewis acid in that it accepts electrons from Lewis bases (electron donors). When dissolved in water a reaction takes place between the Lewis donor (water) and the CO2 which gives rise to carbonic acid which is a different substance to CO2 and has the formula (H2CO3).
  • Is carbonic acid a gas?

    It is also a name sometimes given to solutions of carbon dioxide in water (carbonated water), because such solutions contain small amounts of H2CO3. In physiology, carbonic acid is described as volatile acid or respiratory acid, because it is the only acid excreted as a gas by the lungs.
  • What is the chemical formula for Hydrosulfuric acid?

    As others answered, hydrosulfuric acid is one of the several names for hydrogen sulfide with chemical formula of H2S.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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