16th October 2019


What is the RCC?

Meaning of RCC: The full form of RCC is Reinforced Cement Concrete. Cement concrete is strong in compressive strength but weak in tensile strength. Steel bars used in cement concrete provide good strength to the structure.

Hereof, what is RCC and PCC in construction?

Plain cement concrete- it is used for providing a non porous,firm & level space for laying RCC & also used under flooring .It also used as filler like lump concrete which is mixer of PCC & boulder. Damp proof concrete.- It is a type of pcc in which 10 mm below aggregate is used with water proofing compound.

What is meant by RCC framed structure?

(2) Reinforced cement concrete (RCC) Most of the high rises building uses RCC techniques. In an RCC framed structure, the load is transferred from a slab to the beams then to the columns and further to lower columns and finally to the foundation which in turn transfers it to the soil.

Why RCC is used?

Reinforced concrete, or RCC, is concrete that contains embedded steel bars, plates, or fibers that strengthen the material. The capability to carry loads by these materials is magnified, and because of this RCC is used extensively in all construction.
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