6th December 2019


What is the radiation that warms the Earth's surface?

Infrared. Infrared from the Sun reaches the Earth's surface and warms it. The warm Earth emits some infrared radiation, and some of this is absorbed by gases in the atmosphere. This is called the greenhouse effect.

Similarly one may ask, what is the radiation balance?

Earth's climate is largely determined by the planet's energy budget, i.e., the balance of incoming and outgoing radiation.

What does radiation balance mean?

The Earth's Radiation Energy Balance. This balance includes energy from the sun, or solar energy, which is an energy source for the planet. Any object that has a temperature emits radiation, we refer to this energy as terrestrial or infrared energy. The hotter the object, the greater the amount of energy emitted.

What type of radiation is emitted from the earth?

Once in the Earth's atmosphere, clouds and the surface absorb the solar energy. The ground heats up and re-emits energy as longwave radiation in the form of infrared rays. Earth emits longwave radiation because Earth is cooler than the sun and has less energy available to give off.
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