2nd October 2019


What is the query sequence in blast?

Introduction. BLAST is an acronym for Basic Local Alignment Search Tool and refers to a suite of programs used to generate alignments between a nucleotide or protein sequence, referred to as a “query” and nucleotide or protein sequences within a database, referred to as “subject” sequences.

So, how does the blast work?

The NCBI estimates that about 200,000 “queries” (that's your submission of a sequence) are made every week. BLAST works by detecting local alignments between sequences that work the best. The BLAST computers start with a small set of three letters, which they call the “query word.”

What does the score mean in blast?

The value K is used in converting a raw score (S) to a bit score (S'). lambda. A statistical parameter used in calculating BLAST scores that can be thought of as a natural scale for scoring system. The value lambda is used in converting a raw score (S) to a bit score (S'). local alignment.

What does Blastp stand for?

BLASTP. Acronym. Definition. BLASTP. Basic Local Alignment Search Tool Program.
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