What is the purpose of Siri?

Siri is a built-in "intelligent assistant" that enables users of Apple iPhone 4S and later and newer iPad and iPod Touch devices to speak natural language voice commands in order to operate the mobile device and its apps.

Is Siri as good as you?

Siri is powered by some very interesting technology, which tries to understand not just your words but your sentences. Understanding meaning is a lot trickier than just identifying words. It's improved a lot with iOS 9, too. No longer is Siri a separate module within iOS, or one that exists merely because it's cool.
  • Are you more intelligent than Siri?

    We've found it to be much smarter than Siri and, to prove it, we recently put it head-to-head with Apple's assistant. We asked Google Assistant and Siri the same questions to give you an idea of what you can expect from both. Each of the commands below was asked to both assistants.
  • How do you use Cortana?

    How to train Cortana to respond to your voice only on Windows 10
    1. Press the Windows key + S together to open Cortana.
    2. Click the Notebook button. It's the little notebook icon underneath the house icon on the left side of your screen.
    3. Click on Settings.
    4. Click on Learn my voice.
    5. Click on Start.
  • Can I get Cortana?

    One of the standout new features found in Windows 10 is the addition of Cortana. For those unfamiliar, Cortana is a voice-activated personal assistant. Think of it as Siri, but for Windows. You can use it to get weather forecasts, set reminders, tell you jokes, send email, find files, search the Internet and so on.

Is Siri a boy or a girl?

It's worth noting that on U.K. iPhones, Siri's default voice is that of a male and not female like it is in the U.S. So you'll have to picture Siri cursing the poor boy out with a male British accent.
  • Can you change to Siri?

    As demoed by Apple back in June, iOS users are now able to change the new female Siri voice to a male voice. Changing the gender of Siri's voice only takes a few seconds and is really easy to do. Launch the Settings app and tap on General, followed by Siri.
  • Who is the male version of Siri?

    1) British Siri. While Bennett has stayed anonymous for years, other Siri iterations outed themselves sooner. “Daniel,” the accented male voice that iPhone users hear in Britain, is allegedly a former tech reporter named Jon Briggs.
  • Can Siri make a phone call?

    If you want to call a phone number that's not in your Contacts, you can do it by saying the 10-digit number verbally: Press and hold the Home button. Tell Siri what you'd like, but wait for the familiar chime first. You can say “Call” and give the phone number.

Updated: 25th November 2019

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