What is the purpose of a butterfly knot?

The butterfly loop, also known as lineman's loop, butterfly knot, alpine butterfly knot and lineman's rider, is a knot used to form a fixed loop in the middle of a rope. Tied in the bight, it can be made in a rope without access to either of the ends; this is a distinct advantage when working with long climbing ropes.

How do you tie a hitch?

Here's how to tie this knot.
  1. Pass the running end of the rope around the post or through the grommet.
  2. Bring the end over and around the standing part of the rope, then back through the loop that has formed.
  3. Continue taking the end around the standing part to tie another half-hitch (this time outside the loop).
  • How do you do the trucker's hitch?

    Method 1 Tying a Classic Trucker's Hitch
    1. Tie off your rope at one end.
    2. Form a loop.
    3. Cinch your first loop tight.
    4. Anchor the free end of your line.
    5. Pass the free end of your rope through the remaining loop.
    6. Finish the knot with two half-inch locks.
  • What is the cow hitch knot used for?

    The cow hitch is a hitch knot used to attach a rope to an object. The cow hitch comprises a pair of half-hitches tied in opposing directions, as compared to the clove hitch in which the half-hitches are tied in the same direction.
  • How do you tie a loop at the end of a rope?

    Perfection Loop Knot Tying Instructions
    1. Form a loop (A) at the end of the line by passing the tag end behind the standing line.
    2. Take a turn around the standing line, forming a second loop (B).
    3. Hold tag end in place and pass loop B through loop A.
    4. Pull loop B up until knot jams tight.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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