2nd October 2019


What is the price of ground beef?

Average Retail Food and Energy Prices, U.S. and Midwest Region
Item and unitU.S. city average
PricesPercent change from
Ground beef, 100% beef, per lb. (453.6 gm)3.5593.5
Ground beef, lean and extra lean, per lb. (453.6 gm)5.613-3.3
All uncooked ground beef, per lb. (453.6 gm)4.0780.0

Hereof, how much is beef per pound hanging weight?

As an example let's say you are ordering a side of beef from an animal with a live weight of 1,000 lbs and a hanging weight of 600 lbs. The hanging weight of the side you are receiving is 300 lbs. Your total cost, assuming a $5.50 price per pound of hanging weight would be $1,650, (300 lbs x $5.50).

How many pounds of meat is a side of beef?

An average beef carcass weighs about 600 pounds. A side usually weighs slightly over 300 lbs. This refers to the hanging weight or the gross weight by which the carcass is sold. Remember: the price that one pays is based on the hanging weight.
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