16th October 2019


What is the pipette used for?

A pipette (sometimes spelled pipet) is a laboratory tool commonly used in chemistry, biology and medicine to transport a measured volume of liquid, often as a media dispenser. Measurement accuracy varies greatly depending on the style.

So, what is the calibration of a pipette?

The calibration of pipette is carried out by gravimetric method. When determining the volume of water, the accuracy of measurements is effected by ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity. These factors are usually combined to give the Z factor, used in calculation of volume of water.

Why is it important to calibrate your pipette?

Pipette calibration is important for good laboratory practice and is a vital part of any lab regime where precise volumes of fluid need transferring or diluting. Environmental factors such as warmer or colder temperatures and humidity play a role as well as the temperature and viscosity of the test fluids.

What is calibration glassware?

CHEM 334 Quantitative Analysis Laboratory. Calibration of Volumetric Glassware. Introduction. Volumetric glassware is a class of glass vessels that are calibrated to contain or deliver certain volumes of substances.
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