2nd October 2019


What is the pH of 0.1 M sodium hydroxide?

Let's assume the solution is 0.1M. NaOH is a strong base, so this will produce 0.1mol/L of OH ions in solution. This will produce a pH of 13. You will need to take the negative log of 0.1 to find the pOH.

Considering this, what does sodium hydroxide do to the pH?


Is sodium hydroxide an acid or a base?

Sodium hydroxide is a strong base. In concentrated form its pH can go up to somewhere in the region of 13-14. On contact with the skin in this form, it will leave severe burns and severe tissue damage. All bases have OH- ions while acids have H+ ions.

How does NaOH affect the pH of water?

The hydroxide ions from dissolved sodium hydroxide perturb this balance; as the additional hydroxides accept protons from hydronium ions, they decrease the hydrogen ion concentration, thereby increasing the pH. Adding more sodium hydroxide will increase the pH of the water or make it more basic.
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