25th November 2019


What is the operational briefing period?

The Operational Period Briefing is facilitated by the Planning Section Chief and follows a set agenda. A typical briefing includes the following: The Planning Section Chief reviews the agenda and facilitates the briefing. The Incident Commander presents incident objectives or confirms existing objectives.

Keeping this in view, how long is an operational period in the ICS?

Operational periods can be of various lengths, but should be no longer than 24 hours. Twelve-hour operational periods are common for large-scale incidents. The Incident Commander determines the length of the operational period based on the complexity and size of the incident.

What are the responsibilities of the medical unit in ICS?

Medical Unit: Functional Unit within the Service Branch of the Logistics Section responsible for the development of the Medical Emergency Plan, and for providing emergency medical treatment of incident personnel.

What is the NIMS and ICS?

Understanding NIMS and ICS. The National Incident Management System (NIMS), a program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), is a comprehensive approach to incident management that can apply to emergencies of all types and sizes. The NIMS approach is intended to be both: Flexible, to work in all incidents.
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