What is the notes app on Android?

ColorNote is one of the most popular note taking apps. It allows you to create text notes, lists, and more. Its namesake feature is the ability to change the background color of notes to help you stay organized. That's a feature many other note taking apps borrowed from this one.

What is the best Android app for taking notes?

10 best note taking apps for Android
  • ColorNote. Price: Free. ColorNote is one of the most popular note taking apps.
  • Evernote. Price: Free / $34.99-$69.99 per year.
  • FairNote. Price: Free / $0.99.
  • FiiNote. Price: Free.
  • Google Keep. Price: Free.
  • LectureNotes. Price: Free trial / $3.89.
  • Omni Notes. Price: Free.
  • OneNote. Price: Free /
  • How do I put a memo on my home screen?

    Go to "Widgets" folder, there should be an S Memo widget in it. Push and hold it. It will give you an option to move a generic S Memo note onto one of your home screens. Once you've done that, you can open it and choose between making this shortcut an existing note and creating a new one.
  • Can you change the font on sticky notes?

    Paste pre-formated text into Sticky Notes. If you type in Microsoft Word in your favorite font and then paste it into the Sticky Notes window all the font settings are preserved. So one way to get your favorite fonts with all the formatting into the Sticky Note is to simply copy and paste.
  • How do I open a SNT file?

    If you want to open another .snt file, you'll have to open the Sticky Notes folder in Windows Explorer, rename the existing file (to protect it), copy the file you want to open to the Sticky Notes folder, and rename it appropriately. Then open Sticky Notes.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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