25th November 2019


What is the national symbol of India?

National symbols
National treeIndian banyan
National animalRoyal Bengal tiger
National aquatic animalGanges river dolphin
National birdIndian peacock

In this manner, what is written under the national emblem of India?

The State Emblem of India, as the national emblem of India is called, is an adaptation of the Lion Capital of Ashoka at Sarnath, preserved in the Varanasi Sarnath Museum in India. The current version of the emblem was officially adopted on 26 January 1950, the day that India became a republic.

What is the national vegetable in India?

And it well deserves to be the National vegetable. Kaddu, also called Indian Pumpkin is the most popular vegetable in India. It looks like a pumpkin but has the taste and texture of butternut squash. The most common curried dish is called 'Meetha Kaddu', sweet pumpkin dry curry.

How many animals are there in our national emblem?

The national emblem of India is the Ashoka Chakra. There are four animals on the national emblem of India. 1. Lion on the north 2.
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