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What is the national animal of Ireland?

Mammal. The national land mammal/animal is unclear. The Irish hare (Lepus timidus) has been described as a national animal, as has the red deer (Cervus elaphus).

Regarding this, what is the official national symbol of Ireland?

Irish Symbols
  • Animal: Stag.
  • Bird: Lapwing.
  • Coat of Arms:
  • Coat of Arms: The harp in many forms and styles has been used on the coat of arms of Ireland since medieval times. Today it is used as the symbol of the Irish State.
  • Flag of Ireland.
  • Flower: Shamrock.
  • Motto: "Fe Mhoid Bheith Saor" "Sworn to be free"

What is the symbol for the Irish?

Life is cyclical and endless with birth, death and rebirth. For a 3-piece knot, it believed that each extension stands for the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit also known as the Holy Trinity. Claddagh: Probably the most recognizable Irish symbol, the meaning of the Claddagh symbol remains a mystery to many.

What is the national symbol of Northern Ireland?

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Name and flagPatron SaintNational Flower(s)
England Saint George's CrossSt. GeorgeTudor Rose
Scotland Flag of ScotlandSt. AndrewThistle
Wales Flag of WalesSt. DavidLeek or Daffodil
Northern Ireland Unofficial flag of Northern IrelandSt. PatrickFlax Flower or Shamrock
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