25th November 2019


What is the NAIC number for Geico?

GEICO Gen Ins Co - NAIC#: 35882. GEICO Ind Co - NAIC#: 22055. Government Employees Ins Co - NAIC#: 22063.

So, what insurance code is 639?

By Company Name: E - H
DMV#NAIC#Company Name
10141491Geico Casualty Company
63935882Geico General Insurance Company
10022055Geico Indemnity Company
38124414General Casualty Of Wi

What insurance code is 328?

By Code: 300 to 399
DMV#NAIC#Company Name
32725143State Farm Fire And Casualty Company
32825178State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
32925275Mapfre Insurance Company
33018023Star Insurance Company

What is the insurance code for progressive?

By Company Name: N - Q
DMV#NAIC#Company Name
67811851Progressive Advanced Insurance Company
41324260Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
45916322Progressive Direct Insurance Company
69324279Progressive Max Insurance Company
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