4th December 2019


What is the most popular dance in the Dominican Republic?

Merengue music

Subsequently, one may also ask, how do people greet each other in the Dominican Republic?

When you step into a bus, or shared cab with a general greeting like “Buenos días“, you will notice that everyone will greet you back. Dominicans welcome each other and say goodbye by touching cheeks while making a kissing sound. Dominican men usually greet with a hug.

What is the Dominican Republic's culture?

Dominican Republic - Culture, Society and Religion. The Dominican Republic is a melting pot of the Spanish colonists, African slaves, and Taino Indians. This can be seen in the physical characteristics with around 80% being brown skinned (mulatto), and the rest being white or black.

What kind of houses are in the Dominican Republic?

In the rural southeastern region of the Dominican Republic, children typically live in homes made of corrugated metal sheets. Houses are easily damaged or even destroyed during storms.
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