What is the most abundant organelle in a muscle cell?

All cells need energy to function, but muscle cells have unusually high energy requirements. They resist the force of gravity, generate heat by shivering, pump blood, move substances through hollow organs and produce strong bodily movements. This vigorous activity is powered by organelles known as mitochondria.

What are the most common organelles in muscle cells?

2.C) Using what you know about the ways muscles move, predict which organelles would be most common in muscle cells. The cells I believe would be most common in muscle cells would be mitochondria in order to give the muscle, whether smooth, cardiac, or skeletal, enough energy to perform its job.
  • Which organelles manufacture proteins?

    Ribosomes, freeFound scattered throughout the cytoplasm; manufacture proteins for use within the cell
    Vesicle, secretoryTransport Golgi products to the cell membrane for release from the cell
    Vesicle, transitionTransport endoplasmic reticulum products to the Golgi
  • What proteins form the lateral boundaries of a sarcomere?

    A helical protein that winds around actin helices in skeletal and cardiac muscle cells to form the thin filament of the sarcomere. In the absence of Ca2+, tropomyosin covers the myosin-binding sites on actin and prevents muscle contraction.
  • What is the specialization of cells?

    Cell specialization, also known as cell differentiation, is the process by which generic cells change into specific cells meant to do certain tasks within the body. In adults, stem cells are specialized to replace cells that are worn out in the bone marrow, brain, heart and blood.

Updated: 12th November 2019

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