28th October 2019


What is the meaning of the triangle tattoo?

In Christianity, the triangle can be used to represent the holy trinity that is the father, son and the Holy Spirit. In the Greek culture, the triangle is used to mean a doorway to a higher wisdom. If you believe in this Greek symbolism, then you can have a triangle tattoo to symbolize this.

Accordingly, what does the triangle represent?

The triangle that points downward is one of the oldest symbols of the divine power of the female. It is an ancient symbol that represents the genitalia of a goddess. The triangle is connected to the number three which can represent true wisdom. It is often connected to the idea of a trinity.

What does the triangle symbol mean in Christianity?

In Western society, the triangle most often has highly Christian meanings when used in a religious context. Because the Christian God is a trinity - Father, Son and Holy Ghost united in a single godhead – he is commonly represented by a triangle.

What does the triangle tattoo stand for?

A Triangle tattoo has many different meanings to it. The most common symbolism is the Christian faith. As we know, a triangle has three corners and three sides, this would represent the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is Father (God), Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit. The triangle can also symbolize the moon.
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