16th October 2018


What is the meaning of Sempre in music?

adverb. music. (preceding a tempo or dynamic marking) always; consistently. It is used to indicate that a specified volume, tempo, etc, is to be sustained throughout a piece or passage. Word origin of 'sempre'

Keeping this in view, what is the meaning of Arco?

Arco (which is not an abbreviation) means to return to bowing after pizzicato (abbreviated pizz.) or col legno. Pizzicato means you pluck the strings with your fingers instead of using the bow, col legno using the wooden backside of the bow instead of the hairs. Ten. is short for tenuto which means holding.

What does the term pizzicato mean in music?

Pizzicato is also known as plucking to many people; arco is playing with the regular horse-haired bow. Bartók also made use of pizzicato glissandi, executed by plucking a note and then sliding the stopping finger up or down the string. This technique can be heard in his Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta.
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