21st October 2019


What is the meaning of canonical in physics?

Physics. Canonical ensemble, in statistical mechanics, is a statistical ensemble representing a probability distribution of microscopic states of the system. Grand canonical ensemble, a probability distribution of microscopic states for an open system, which is being maintained in thermodynamic equilibrium.

Simply so, what does it mean by Canonical?

(adj.) Authoritative or standard; conforming to an accepted rule or procedure. When referring to programming, canonical means conforming to well-established patterns or rules. The term is typically used to describe whether or not a programming interface follows the already established standard.

What is a canonical product?

Two dual canonical forms of any Boolean function are a "sum of minterms" and a "product of maxterms." The term "Sum of Products" or "SoP" is widely used for the canonical form that is a disjunction (OR) of minterms.

What does Canonical mean in computer science?

Canonical, in computer science, is the standard state or behavior of an attribute. This term is borrowed from mathematics, where it is used to refer to concepts that are unique and/or natural. Also known as canonicity or canonicality.
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