2nd October 2019


What is the meaning of ATT in Punjabi?

Literal meaning of Punjabi word 'Att' is close to 'extreme'. In classical Punjabi, the most popular meaning of the word was to convey the extreme evilness or injustice meted by kings or landlords on their subjects. This is the meaning being used in the songs mentioned by you.

Also know, what is the meaning of ATT in a letter?

A common abbreviation for the word "attention". The abbreviation "attn: " is often used within companies in addressing memorandums, mailings and other written business communications to the individual or group who should pay the most attention to them.

What is ATT disease?

PZA is best avoided in patients with chronic liver disease. An important consideration when prescribing ATT in a patient with liver cirrhosis is the risk of liver failure due to hepatotoxicity.
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