18th November 2019


What is the market for goods and services?

Definition of a Goods and Services Market: The goods and services market is where households purchase consumable items and businesses sell their wares. The market includes stores, the Internet, and any other place where consumer goods and services are exchanged.

Herein, what are the 3 natural resources?

If natural resources come from living things or organic materials, then they are considered biotic resources. Biotic resources include plants, animals, and fossil fuels. The three fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas.

What do the product markets contribute to an economy?

In economics, the product market is the marketplace in which final goods or services are offered for purchase by consumers, businesses, and the public sector. Focusing on the sale of finished goods, it does not include trading in raw or other intermediate materials.

How does the circular flow model illustrate how our economy works?

The circular flow model illustrate how our economy works by manifesting a circle of daily decisions and activities that involve businesses and the household. Product flow from businesses to households through the product market, and resources flow from households to businesses through the resource market.
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