2nd October 2019


What is the map analysis?

A map analysis is whereby a study is made regarding map types i.e.political maps, military maps, contour lines etc., and the unique physical qualities of a map i.e. scale, title, legend etc. It is also a ways of decoding the message and symbols of map and placing it within its proper spatial and cultural context.

Besides, what is a mapping document?

A S2T document is simply a document that contains the mapping of source system fields to the fields of a target system. In a data warehouse this will typically be a mapping from either source files or database tables to the different tables in your target data warehouse / data mart.

How mapping is done?

Photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is a technique used by many mapping agencies and companies to gather data. This can be done manually or by software and by using this, features such as buildings, road shape and amenities can be added to the map with a high relational accuracy.

What is data mapping in ETL?

Extraction, transformation, and loading. ETL refers to the methods involved in accessing and manipulating source data and loading it into target database. The first step in ETL process is mapping the data between source systems and target database(data warehouse or data mart).
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