What is the main conflict in the story lamb to the slaughter?

The first of these conflicts is between Mary and Patrick as Patrick tells his pregnant wife that he is going to leave her. This conflict ends as Mary hits her husband with a frozen leg of lamb and leads into the main conflict of the story. This second conflict is in Mary's attempt to avoid being caught.

What time period does lamb to the slaughter take place?

"Lamb to the Slaughter" (1953) is a short story by Roald Dahl. It was initially rejected, along with four other stories, by The New Yorker, but was ultimately published in Harper's Magazine in September 1953.
  • What is the setting of the lamb to the slaughter?

    In “Lamb to the Slaughter,” Roald Dahl does not give an exact time and place that the story is set in. However, he does this deliberately, giving it a universal setting of the time in which the story was published: America in the 1950's.
  • Who was the protagonist in the lamb to the slaughter?

    Mary Maloney
  • Why is Patrick's profession important?

    The cops are giving special attention to the crime because it happened to "one of their own." Another reason that Patrick's profession is important to the story is that his wife Mary has learned a lot about police procedure from being married to a cop. She establishes an alibi before she calls to report the murder.

Where does the term lamb to the slaughter come from?

Also, as lambs to the slaughter. Innocently and helplessly, without realizing the danger. For example, She agreed to appeal to the board, little knowing she would go like a lamb to the slaughter. This expression appears in several biblical books (Isaiah, Jeremiah), and the simile itself was used by Chaucer.

Updated: 20th August 2018

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