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What is the legend of the Radley house Why does it fascinate dill?

The Radley Place fascinates Scout, Jem, and Dill because it is a place of mystery. As with many unknowns, the Radleys are a little creepy. They keep to themselves, and Boo Radley is never seen outside the house. Naturally, rumors and legends abound.

Thereof, how is the tree a symbol of Boo Radley?

When the tree is filled in, it symbolizes an obstacle in their friendship. I don't believe Harper Lee had any underlying symbolic motives concerning the Radley oak tree in To Kill a Mockingbird. The tree and its knothole simply served as the secret message conduit between the children and Boo Radley.

Who are the Cunninghams?

Mr. Walter Cunningham - A poor farmer and part of the mob that seeks to lynch Tom Robinson at the jail. Mr. Cunningham displays his human goodness when Scout's politeness compels him to disperse the men at the jail. Walter Cunningham - Son of Mr. Cunningham and classmate of Scout.

What color is associated with Boo Radley?

Gray can often represent confusion, which fits in the case of Boo Radley. The kids have no idea who he really is until the end of the book. Furthermore, the color gray can represent a fall from white. White represents purity and innocence.
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