26th September 2018


What is the legalism in China?

Legalism was a philosophy of administration in ancient China. Upon first acquaintance with this system it seems no more than a rationalization by political administrators for their having total political control of their societies.

In respect to this, when was the founding of legalism?

In China, legalism was founded by Han Feize. We don't know when Legalism was established, but we do know that Han Feize was born in 280 B.C. Legalism set a time of war apart and brought much peace. Legalism would have a lasting affect on the Chinese government.

Why was legalism created?

The Han Dynasty & Suppression of Legalism. Legalism remained in effect throughout the Qin Dynasty until its fall in 206 BCE. They originally kept a form of Legalism as their official philosophy but it was a much gentler version than that of the Qin.

What is the philosophy of legalism?

In contrast to Taoism's intuitive anarchy, and Confucianism's benevolence, Legalism is a Classical Chinese philosophy that emphasizes the need for order above all other human concerns. The political doctrine developed during the brutal years of the Fourth Century BCE (Schafer 83).
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