18th November 2019


What is the leakage current?

Leakage current is the current that flows through the protective ground conductor to ground. In the absence of a grounding connection, it is the current that could flow from any conductive part or the surface of non-conductive parts to ground if a conductive path was available (such as a human body).

Also know, what is meant by leakage current in a transistor?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In electronics, leakage may refer to a gradual loss of energy from a charged capacitor. It is primarily caused by electronic devices attached to the capacitors, such as transistors or diodes, which conduct a small amount of current even when they are turned off.

What is electrical leakage testing?

Leakage Current Tests. 4. Ground Continuity Tests. A hipot test measures the ability of a product to withstand a high voltage applied between the circuits of a product and ground. An insulation resistance test measures the quality of the electrical insulation used in a product.
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