21st November 2019


What is the largest ethnic group in the United States?

German-Americans are America's largest single ethnic group (if you divide Hispanics into Mexican-Americans, Cuban-Americans, etc). In 2013, according to the Census bureau, 46m Americans claimed German ancestry: more than the number who traced their roots to Ireland (33m) or England (25m).

Consequently, what is the racial breakdown of the US?

As of July 2016, White Americans are the racial majority. African Americans are the largest racial minority, amounting to an estimated 12.7% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans amount to an estimated 17.8% of the total U.S. population, making up the largest ethnic minority.

What is the racial makeup of America?

Hispanic and Latino Americans
RacePopulation% of all Hispanic and Latino Americans
Some other race (mestizo, mulatto, etc.)18,503,10336.7
Two or more races3,042,5926.0

What percent of the US is black 2017?

The projected black population, either alone or in combination, of the United States (including those of more than one race) on July 1, 2060. On that date, according to the projection, the black population would constitute 17.9 percent of the nation's total population.
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