3rd October 2019


What is the job of the nerve cells?

The axon (nerve fibre) transmits electrical signals from the cell body. The dendrites are branching fibres that receive electrical signals from other neurons. The shape of a neuron is determined by the job it does.

What is the function of the nerve ending in a nerve cell?

They also carry signals from the nervous system to effector organs, such as muscles and glands. When neurons are stimulated they transmit an electrical impulse. The nerve ending is branched to make good contact with other neurons or the effector organ. Two neurons do not make direct contact.

What is the function and adaptation of a nerve cell?

The sheath acts as an insulator - rather like the plastic coating of an electrical wire. Neurones are adapted to their function by being long, so that they communicate with distant parts of the body. They also have branched endings called dendrites.
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