6th December 2019


What is the interest rate on a Victoria's Secret Angels Card?

High interest: The card has a high variable interest rate of 24.99%. That means any rewards will quickly be negated by interest fees if you carry a balance. Consider a credit card with low interest rate instead.

Also to know is, what is Angel VIP Card?

You'll automatically earn the VIP and Forever upgrades once you reach the point threshold: 500 points for an Angel VIP card, and 1,000 points for an Angel Forever card. When you do, you'll receive a new card and a reward, $10 for VIP and $15 for Forever status.

How do Victoria's Secret Points work?

You will earn 1 point for each $1 of Net New Purchases on your Angel Card (outside of bonus Point events). Angel and VIP cardholders earn a $10 Angel Reward with every 250 points, and Forever cardholders earn a $15 Angel Reward with every 250 points. Angel Rewards will be mailed to you within 3-6 weeks of being earned.

What is a Victoria Secret Angel Forever card?

Depending on the amount of money spent on a rolling 12-month period, there are three different reward tiers: Angel, Angel VIP and Angel Forever. All cardholders earn one point for each $1 of net new purchases on their Victoria's Secret credit card. The first tier of the Victoria's Secret credit card is the Angel card.
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