2nd October 2019


What is the hidden beam?

The Hidden beam is a means to describe the load dispersion on to supporting slab. Hidden beams are generally inserted within the suspended slabs where slab thickness is considerable. The Hidden beam is a virtual beam that was originated by some one to make use of the BEAM free head room.

In respect to this, what is a flush beam on a deck?

A flush or header beam is a structural member positioned at the same level as the joists and uses joist hangers for attachment just as you would at the ledger board. Flush beams are commonly used for framing angled deck forms such as octagons or on stair landings where a cantilevered beam would be less practical.

What is an upset Beam?

Upset Beam -- This is a type of flush beam used when supporting an upper wall or structural element where the beam extends above the upper floor surface. Used in line with walls, or in attics.

What does drop beam mean?

A girder, cantilevered or drop beam is a structural member positioned below the joists to support the weight of the frame. Cantilevered beams are stronger than flush style beams because they rely on the strength properties of the wood rather than the individual mechanical and fastener connections.
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