16th June 2020


What is the geography like in Ethiopia?

Geography: Ethiopia is a country rich in geographical diversity. It consists of rugged mountains, flat-topped plateaus, deep gorges and river valleys. It is erosion, volcanic eruptions and tectonic movements over the ages that have contributed to the nations diverse topography.

Likewise, people ask, what is the landscape like in Ethiopia?

The Ethiopian landscape is largely formed from a high volcanic plateau. It is surrounded on three sides by low-lying desert. The average height of the plateau (the Ethiopian highlands) is over 2000 meters. Moreover, there are more than 20 mountains over 4000 meters.

Likewise, what are the major relief features of Ethiopia?

Although Ethiopia's complex relief defies easy classification, five topographic features are discernible. These are the Western Highlands, the Western Lowlands, the Eastern Highlands, the Eastern Lowlands, and the Rift Valley. The Western Highlands are the most extensive and rugged topographic component of Ethiopia.

What is the race of Ethiopia?

The Ethiopian (and Eritreans and Djiboutis) race is quite a unique one. It's in between the Arab light coloured skin, and the African curly hair. Only in East Africa. Somalis also look like Ethiopians although they are taller and tend to have darker skin.

What is the oldest sedimentary rock in Ethiopia?

The oldest rocks in Ethiopia are late Proterozoic to Paleozoic metamorphic rocks formed by Pan-African orogenic processes resulting in low-grade metavolcano-sediments and medium-to high-grade schists and gneisses, and associated granitic and mafic/ultramafic intrusions (Asrat et al., 2001) .
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