What is the genotype for individuals with blood type O?

Therefore, the blood type is A. Both A and B alleles are dominant over O. As a result, individuals who have an AO genotype will have an A phenotype. People who are type O have OO genotypes. In other words, they inherited a recessive O allele from both parents.

Can parents with type A blood have a type O child?

Each biological parent donates one of their two ABO alleles to their child. A mother who is blood type O can only pass an O allele to her son or daughter. A father who is blood type AB could pass either an A or a B allele to his son or daughter.
  • Can brothers and sisters have different blood types?

    There is a possibility that the siblings may have the same blood group. There is also another possibility that the siblings may have different blood groups. Everyone inherits two alleles of the gene, one from each parent. 3.Two parents with B blood type can produce a child with either B or O blood type.
  • Can someone with type O blood have a child with Type B?

    But someone who has a B and an O version only makes the B protein. They are B blood type but can pass the O onto their kids. So two B parents can make an O child if both parents are BO. Each parent has a 50% chance of passing down the O gene.
  • How rare is O negative blood type?

    Universal Red Cell Donor and Rare Blood Type. However, O negative blood type is relatively rare compared to the other blood types. It is only present in 1 out of 15 individuals. This means approximately 6.6% of the population has O negative blood.

Updated: 21st October 2019

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