21st November 2019


What is the function of the stratified columnar epithelium?

Stratified columnar epithelium is a rare type of epithelial tissue composed of column shaped cells arranged in multiple layers. Stratified columnar epithelia are found in the conjunctiva of the eye, in parts of the pharynx, anus, the uterus, and the male urethra and vas deferens.

Also know, what is the function and location of stratified squamous epithelium?

The basal layer of this tissue is cuboidal, and becomes increasingly flattened as it reaches the surface. Stratified squamous epithelia can be keratinized or nonkeratinized, depending on the location it is found in. Keratinized epithelium, also called "cornified" is composed of numerous layers of dead squamous cells.

What are the characteristics of stratified squamous epithelium?

The layer of keratin here is named the stratum corneum. A stratified squamous epithelium consists of squamous (flattened) epithelial cells arranged in layers upon a basal membrane. Only one layer is in contact with the basement membrane; the other layers adhere to one another to maintain structural integrity.
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