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What is the function of the Corticobulbar tract?

The corticobulbar (or corticonuclear) tract is a two-neuron white matter motor pathway connecting the motor cortex in the cerebral cortex to the Medullary pyramids, which are part of the brainstem's medulla oblongata (also called "bulbar") region, and are primarily involved in carrying the motor function of the non-

Regarding this, what does the corticospinal tract do?

Function. Axons in the lateral corticospinal tract leave out of the tract and into the anterior horns of the spinal cord. It controls fine movement of ipsilateral limbs (albeit contralateral to the corresponding motor cortex) as it lies distal to the pyramidal decussation.

What is the function of the pyramidal tract?

The term extrapyramidal motor system is used to refer to tracts within the spinal cord involved in involuntary movement but not part of the pyramidal tracts. Their functions include the control of posture and muscle tone.

What does the Reticulospinal tract do?

The reticulospinal tracts, also known as the descending or anterior reticulospinal tracts, are extrapyramidal motor tracts that descend from the reticular formation in two tracts to act on the motor neurons supplying the trunk and proximal limb flexors and extensors.
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