2nd October 2019


What is the function of the connective tissue?

Blood, a fluid connective tissue, provides a transport system within our body for oxygen and other important substances. Cartilage provides strong support and connection for our skeletal framework. And the function of bones is to support and protect soft tissues and organs in our body.

In this way, what is the connective tissue of blood?

Blood is considered a connective tissue for two basic reasons: (1) embryologically, it has the same origin (mesodermal) as do the other connective tissue types and (2) blood connects the body systems together bringing the needed oxygen, nutrients, hormones and other signaling molecules, and removing the wastes.

What are the major functions of connective tissue?

Major functions of connective tissue include: 1) binding and supporting, 2) protecting, 3) insulating, 4) storing reserve fuel, and 5) transporting substances within the body. Connective tissues can have various levels of vascularity. Cartilage is avascular, while dense connective tissue is poorly vascularized.

Why the blood is called as a connective tissue?

Blood is called a liquid connective tissue because it connects various body tissues and oragans together by bringing Oxygen,hormones and various nutrients..
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