What is the function of telnet?

Typically, this protocol is used to establish a connection to Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port number 23, where a Telnet server application (telnetd) is listening. Telnet, however, predates TCP/IP and was originally run over Network Control Program (NCP) protocols.

When Telnet is used?

Telnet is a simple, text-based network protocol that is used for accessing remote computers over TCP/IP networks like the Internet. Telnet was created and launched in 1969 and, historically speaking, you can say that it was the first Internet.
  • How do I enter a telnet?

    To enable Telnet command line utilities:
    1. Click Start > Control Panel.
    2. Click Programs and Features.
    3. Click Turn Windows features on or off.
    4. In the Windows Features dialog box, check the Telnet Client check box.
    5. Click OK. The system installs the appropriate files. This will take a few seconds to a minute.
  • What is the difference between Telnet and SSH?

    SSH is a network protocol used to remotely access and manage a device. The key difference between Telnet and SSH is that SSH uses encryption, which means that all data transmitted over a network is secure from eavesdropping. Like Telnet, a user accessing a remote device must have an SSH client installed.
  • What is the telnet?

    Telnet is a protocol that allows you to connect to remote computers (called hosts) over a TCP/IP network (such as the internet). Using telnet client software on your computer, you can make a connection to a telnet server (i.e., the remote host).

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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